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In today’s rapidly evolving information landscape, the essence of democracy is the ability of citizens to engage with the media critically. At Choose Your Info (originally Zvol si info), we are at the forefront of the fight against misinformation and championing media literacy across the Czech Republic and beyond.

Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages with the skills to navigate the complex media landscape. We aim to foster a society that values truth, transparency, and informed dialogue. We equip individuals with tools to discern fact from fiction, fostering an informed electorate that is foundational in a healthy and thriving democracy. We emphasize the importance of critical thinking, a skill imperative for the preservation and promotion of democratic values.


Our educational initiatives span various media literacy topics and target groups. From primary school children, high school and university students to educators, librarians, and seniors. Believing that true change requires comprehensive education, we integrate diverse educational needs and interests into our programs. This approach allows us not only to illuminate the multifaceted influence of media on our society but also to support the sustainable development of media literacy across generations and professions, both online and offline.

Innovation in Education

We actively monitor the latest media and educational trends, employing evidence-based approaches to ensure our programs are current and impactful. We utilize digital tools, interactive platforms, and games to enhance participant engagement and learning. Our innovative educational methods foster critical thinking and digital skills essential for navigating today’s complex media landscape. At ‚Choose Your Info,‘ innovation is more than a trend; it’s how we change the world.

Tailored for Inclusivity

We value the diversity of our participants and understand that each target group has specific needs and expectations. Therefore, we meticulously tailor each of our workshops and programs to ensure they are inclusive and accessible to everyone. This personalized approach allows us to reach and engage participants more effectively, supporting their unique journey toward media literacy and strengthening their ability to express themselves critically and make informed decisions.

Annual Report 2023

In the report, you will read that we have:

  • Reached 5585 participants during 638 workshop hours.
  • Expanded our impact beyond the Czech Republic through 3 international collaborations and teaching university course for Erasmus+ students and therefore fostering European unity
  • Ran a pilot of the „On-life“ club for primary school children, focusing on responsible online engagement through experiential learning, Boosting senior information safety and supporting teachers and librarians with contemporary, practical knowledge to integrate media literacy into their programmes.
  • Raised awareness by increased media coverage and social media reach.

Made plans for 2024 – cooperation with the European Commission, Erasmus+ projects, Cross-border cooperation, building teachers community.
… and much more

These are just a few snapshots of our accomplishments in 2023. To dive deeper into our journey and explore the full extent of our impact, we invite you to read our Annual Report.

History & Background

Founded by a passionate group of students, our journey began at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno, inspired by a collective desire to uphold democracy during a tumultuous electoral period. Over the years, ‚Choose Your Info‘ has grown from a budding initiative into a leading force for media education, reaching over 40,000 students with our playful and innovative workshops and programs. As we continue to navigate the challenges posed by rapid technological advancements and the proliferation of misinformation, ‚Choose Your Info‘ remains committed to its mission. Through education, innovation, and collaboration, we strive to build a more informed, resilient, and democratic society.

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“ represents core European values which are essential for safeguarding European democracy and enhancing our resilience. This is why we are glad that is a proud member of our internal network against disinformation and we can support their efforts to raise awareness about media and information literacy among high school students and elderly within the Czech regions.”

Jan Míča

Digital Leader, European Commission Representation in Czechia

“As A. Alvarová precisely stated: Information literacy is the defense duty of the future. When you add the courage not to be passive, the willingness to work, and the evident intelligence of the people at ‚Choose Your Info‘, there is hope. I wish you much success; you contribute to our security and freedoms!”

Otakar Foltýn

Security Expert, Army Officer

“The jury was impressed by the project because the need to deal with critical thinking comes from the young people themselves. The topic of media literacy and fact-checking is very current, and the jury especially appreciated the social significance of the project, which has an indirect impact on reducing racism and xenophobia”
Gratias Tibi Jury

People in Need, Category Under 30


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